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scheme. In ○Shandong Province●'s Zibo city, hom●e appliance sales● have jumped d◆ramatically, w■ith 60 perce■nt of sales comi●ng from farmers. W◆ang wei, rese〓arc

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esearch C●TR., said, "The s◆ubsidy policy○ is

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a very cle◆ar signal to home ap◆pliance pro●ducers that the gove○rnment needs them to● tap busine○ss from low-income● regions. On the on

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e● hand, farmers ca●n afford better prod〓ucts. On the● other hand, prod○ucers can pr●ofit from thei◆r sales growth." Ac■cording to relat

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ed a■uthorities, Ch〓ina has provided su●bsidies wort■h 300 millio○n yuan to 1.8 mil■lion households in ●Shangdong, H●enan, Sichuan ●pro

n 300 Chines○e cities w

vinces over t○he last six months, ●and is plan●ning to expand the 〓policy to ot○her low-income re〓gions around the co◆untry. BEIJI■NG, F

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ies of Commerce 〓and Financ○e is offerin

nce giant Gu〓angdong Midea ◆Electric A◆ppliances ◆Co plans t〓o issue new shares〓 to raise money fo◆r 10 projects to inc○rease its productio●n capability.Mi●dea, China's s◆econd-largest ap〓pliance make〓r by market● value, will issue n○o more than 10 〓percen

ed. ○With an ID, a 〓savings account and

t of○ its total shares t●o raise 3.56 bill〓ion yuan (●495.8 million U.S. ●dollars), ○the Foshan-based c◆ompany said● in a statement t◆o the Shenzhen Stock● Exchange ye■sterday.The money w○ill be inves○ted in 10 proje◆cts which will ●boost its produc○tion c

,● farmers in certai◆n regions can● get

apaci○ty of refr○igerator com○pressors by five mil■lion sets, energ●y-saving re●frigerators by○ 4.5 million sets,○ washing ma○chines by 5〓.8 million sets and ■air conditioners by ○9.5 million sets.T○he projects in◆clude a venture ○with Toshiba Carrie○r Cor

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p to ○make compresso●rs used in ap○pliances i○n which Midea■ will invest 309 mi●llion yuan for a 95 ●percent stake.It◆ will also invest● 190 million yuan t●o produce ai●r conditioners i○n Vietnam.Midea rep■orted yesterday its ●net profit ◆increased 122.60 p

    er●cent last year t〓o 1.2 billion yu●an. Its revenue gain●ed 57.28 percen●t to 33 billion yu○an."The com

    pany ○is expected ●t

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